If No One Was a Person

Someone: No one can do that!

No one: Wait, no I can’t!

Someone: Who has beaten that record?

Someone else: No one

No one: But I haven’t even heard of it!

Someone: I love no one.

No one: I love you too?

Someone: No one wants to see your wedding photos, Denise!

Denise: Again? If you insist!

No one: *grunt*

Someone: No one can live on the Sun.

No one: How would… you know what, forget it.

Someone: No one has been unintentionally and ironically referred to, countless times.

No one: My god. This is actually true.


Reciprocal Garden

Honor one who wishes to grow

Don’t taint one who perseveres

One’s past you might never know,

It may be covered in tears

Nothing’s wrong with testing one’s fruit

So try to gauge one’s will power

Confirm if change has taken root

You’ll know once the fruit tastes sour

Help one thrive in the midst of your garden

Give them a fertile spot in your yard

Allow envy to wilt without pardon

Pray for empathy to rain under guard

One last thing that’s important to note,

The many you help will surely take it to heart

Do not forget these things I wrote

Their roots in your life keep it from falling apart.


We, who live, spend our whole lives,

seeing for ourselves,

the madness we live out.

Some say it’s unforgiving,

I have even heard it be called beautiful.

But to me, it is not worth praising or condemning.

For example, the mountains stretch far into the sky,

but not far enough to make it worthwhile.

The ocean is deep and vast,

but to what purpose,

when humankind thrives on land.

Even the sky cannot mock those who fly in it day and night,

even living past its pull to earth.

Fine, then let us look elsewhere.

War haunts our past and taunts our future,

but if humankind is the fuel of warfare,

then it retires from its work.

Loved ones leave us eventually,

but we all rejoin them in the grave without sadness.

Even failure is a doorway to grow stronger.

I must say, the colors of life are null.

It is the only way I wish to see it.

Now, if life then is gray, surely,

death has no luster.

It is the only way I wish to see it.